Linda VanBuskirk

Saturday February 8th there was a sunset like none before. The light lit up our favorite tree and beamed golden rays upon our home. The air was still and quiet except for the rustling cardinals and barred owl, up above. The property was calm and peaceful. It was obvious this day was different. This would be our Linda’s final day.
As the sun crept behind the forest, the full moon rose. Pale light now shined on our home and into the window where Linda rested. Soon after the moonlight hit her face, a peace came over Linda. It was at this moment that she took her last breath. Surrounded by her family, Linda passed peacefully and without pain.
Linda’s passing was much like her life. She controlled the space with her beauty and light. Her smile would touch your soul and her words carried such purpose. Linda’s laughter could crack the hardest of personalities and before long, you’d be exchanging stories. Linda never met a stranger. She affected everyone who met her.
On March 7th we will have a Celebration of Life for Linda at D&L Nursery from 10-2. This is the time to come together to share those stories and be thankful for what she stood for. Everyone who wishes to attend is welcome. Let us celebrate our angel who flew too close to the ground.

-David VanBuskirk