July 18th Meeting Information – PLEASE READ

Our Kawa club member, Kevin Richardson of “My Little World Bonsai” Nursery, will be conducting a forest slab demonstration.  The forest will be auctioned at the planned August 15th event.  It is hoped that all members will aide in the construction of the forest slab.  Every participant will learn and have a hand in executing the steps required to complete this project.  Every participant will need to either bring or buy some sort of eye protection, preferably safety glasses.  There will be no charge to participate in this hands on demonstration.

Jason Schley will also be talking about and demonstrating what needs to be done on Pine Bonsai trees in the Summer months.  Bring your Black Pine Bonsai to the meeting!  If you do not have a Black Pine Bonsai, bring a tree you need assistance with.

On the meeting agenda, we will talk about membership costs/membership application, setting a calendar of events for the next few months, and Joy of Bonsai 2021.

We will be following the recommended and mandated CDC guidelines for COVID-19 at the meeting as well.  A MASK MUST BE WORN AT THE KAWA MEETING PER DELAND MASK MANDATE.  FOR MORE INFORMATION, CLICK HERE.

Face coverings now required for BART riders | bart.gov