Holiday Party Update!

The Holiday party is on December 21, at our regular meeting time and place.  Members are supposed to bring a side dish or dessert.  Jeanne is putting together a list of what everybody is bringing.  Not many people have responded and told her what they are bringing.  If everyone could reach out to Jeanne at 386-437-3219 (home phone number) or at, it would be much appreciated.  Please tell Jeanne what you will be bringing and how many guests will be coming with you.  Jeanne will be contacting everybody who has not yet responded about the party this upcoming week.  
A turkey will be provided by Kawa.  There will also be chicken wings at the party.
Don’t forget about the bonsai related Secret Santa that will be going on during the party as well!!
While you’re on the website, check out the Joy of Bonsai page too!!