Tropical Repotting with Mike Rogers

June meeting will be a session with Mike Rogers on repotting Tropicals. Each member is to bring one tree to be repotted along with their pots, soil, and anything else they may need. Mike will discuss repotting tropical trees, soil types for those trees and demo how it is done on a beautiful tropical tree. He will also discuss pots for trees and what you look for in marring trees to pots. After the demo and lecture we will allow each member to repot a tree with Mike’s help. Only one tree per member for repotting, but you may bring others to ask Mike’s advise for pots and potting questions.

Each member should bring a show ready tree for show and tell to present to the membership. Bringing trees for show and tell is a great way to look at your trees as they progress. I look forward to seeing everyone at the June 19, 2015 Meeting starting time is 7 PM.


Asking questions

Mike Rogers repotting a tree from a workshop last year. 

At this meeting we will announce the August meeting with Mike Lebanic and allow members to pick their trees as I will have pictures of each tree. This is a special Buttonwood Workshop with Mike and you must sign up for the class and put a deposit on your trees. The trees are from Mary Madison from last years collection and were the pick of the crop Mike was there when they were collected and was allowed to have first pick for us. Mike has kept the trees for one year growing branches and fertilizing them, pruning them and getting them ready for this workshop. Mike says these trees are also ready for repotting into bonsai containers so bring a few pots to pick from your your selection and we can repot them as well.  Don’t miss out on this workshop you will be sorry. The meeting date is August 21, 2015 at 6 PM an earlier starting time then our regular meeting times. This is to give us extra time to complete the workshop. The fee is $125.00 for the workshop and there are 12 trees to pick from. I have three spots sold already so make sure you pick and reserve your tree and spot in the worksop. After this meeting I will open up the workshop to the general public so make sure you get there  first to pick your tree this month.


See everyone at the June meeting.



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