Tropical Bonsai Repotting For The June Meeting!

Time is really moving along this year, it’s already June and time for the Tropical Bonsai Repotting Workshop & Meeting on June 20, 2014. Mike Rogers and I (Louise Leister) will be doing a workshop on repotting our tropical trees. Each member can bring one tree, soil and a few pots to review for possibilities for those wishing to change containers. I would suggest some sphagnum moss for top dressing as well. Kawa has wire for tie downs and screens. The first part of the evening will bring a general meeting, short lecture on repotting, and a brake for refreshments and afterwards the workshop for those wishing to repot one of their trees.

The June evening starts at 7 PM with a special moving sale offered by Tom Zane Kawa’s founding member. Tom is moving on to Utah with Sena and is selling a lot of his collection. He will be offering trees, books, stands and a few pots & other bonsai related times. Don’t miss out on picking up some great material from a special bonsai person. Tom will take cash or checks for the sale. Please come and join us for this special evening. After the sale the meeting will start. I hope to see everyone on June 20!

I wanted to give everyone an update on our summer meetings so you can make plans as we have a few date changes to allow scheduling for a few special events. First our July meeting has a date change we are meeting on Friday July 25 at 7 PM for a wire program by Mike Feduccia. Mike will explain the fundaments of wire and explain why we wire and how to wire. Saturday July 26 at 9 AM  we will have an beginners wire class with Mike. This class will run for 9 AM until 12 Noon. Be prepared to work! After lunch Mike will also have an advanced wire class for those wishing to advance their skills in wiring. The advanced class will be working with copper and Mike will treach techniques for those with experience. Each class will be available with preregistration to members and our friends in the bonsai world The class fee is $50.00 per session. Wiring is the most important aspect of bonsai and this class is a great opportunity to learn from one of the best we have in the country. Don’t miss this class. Limited seating so email me as soon as you can to reserve your spot.

August brings another special meeting for us it will be part 2 of the Juniper series with Mike Feduccia. Friday night for the general meeting August 22 at 7 PM Mike will give us an advanced juniper lecture with a demo on techniques he will be teaching us on Saturday. Saturday August 23 at 10 AM we will have our second in the juniper series all day workshop offered by Mike. This class has limited seating and is offered to those wishing to advance their skills on Junipers. This session should have participants returning with the same trees they brought in March. The second summer series of care will bring these trees along to the next level and by Joy of Bonsai in January they should be ready for the exhibit. The third class will be offered in the fall at our  October 17 & 18, 2014 meeting. Sign up early we have very limited seating for this class and it is offered to those who attended the March class first and then afterwards it will be open to others. The fee is $75.00 for the all day class.

We are very excited with the summer schedule so far and I hope the rest of you will take the opertunity  to join us for the schedule. I am working on September right now but don’t have confirmation yet with our speaker. I will post it as soon as I completed the details. See you all soon.


Best in Show owned by Mike Rogers a Bucida spines

Best in Show owned by Mike Rogers a Bucida spines

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