Mike Lebanic is back for another Great Buttonwood Demo & Lecture

I am very happy to announce that Mike Lebanic will be at Kawa for our August meeting to conduct a demonstration on a collected Buttonwood the club bought from Mary Madison in the spring. Mike has kept the tree and nurtured it since then and will explain how to care for it, fertilize it and spray if for insects. The tree will be started as a bonsai at the meeting with the basics of bonsai and will return home with Mike to progress until the spring when Mike will return for part 2 of the program and show us how to nurture it along to phase 2 of it’s life as a bonsai.

We will work on this tree as an ongoing program from start to finish. At the end of it’s journey over a few years I hope to enter it in the National Show as a club tree for all to see the work and the journey of this beautiful tree. We often do a demo and sell the tree and we never see it again, this tree will be part of our history and hopefully become a part of the Florida history of a great native species collected by our our Mary Madison and brought along by a new young bonsai artist and member of our club. Please join me in this history making meeting to start the process along to the journey of a buttonwood.

Mike is the 2016 BSF Scholarship winner and a member of Kawa Bonsai Society. He has won many awards for his beautiful bonsai at the Joy of Bonsai and many BSF Conventions. He has also exhibited trees at the Artisan’s Cup, the Epcot Flower Festival and the National Exhibit in Rochester. Mike is a student of Peter Warren from the United Kingdom a Japanese taught student of Kunio Kobayashi and Suthin Sukosolvisit of the Royal Bonsai Garden. We are proud to have Mike as a member of Kawa and welcome him back for another program and our latest project” The Journey of a Buttonwood” .

The meeting starts at 6 PM August 19, 2016 at our new location please arrive on time we have a full plate for the evening. Please bring a tree for show and tell for Mike to review before the meeting starts.

1410 Palm Coast Parkway, Palm Coast, FL 32137 at the Watson Reality Office.


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