Mike Feduccia at Kawa for a Three Part Intensive Juniper Series

Kawa is excited to announce it’s new intensive lectures and workshops series with our first artist in the series ¬†Florida Native Mike Feduccia. The series will be a three part learning session and it works like this, on our regular Friday night meeting our artist in the series will give an intensive lecture and demo on the topic after a short general meeting. On Saturday the following day at 9 AM the artist will stay and conduct an all day workshop on the topic. Members will bring trees from that series topic to the workshop for an intensive lesson and instructions on the topics learned the night before. What this means is Mike Feduccia will be at Kawa for three sessions on Advanced Juniper styling and care this year, the first starting at the March 21, 2014 meeting. Then on Saturday March 22, 2014 he will be here for the all day workshop on the topics from the night before. Things that Mike will cover will be proper wiring to bring the trees to the next exhibit level, repotting, soils, jin and all the workings of advanced juniper bonsai.

Mike will return in August for the summer session on warm weather care for junipers with the same format. August 22, 2014 Friday night a lecture -demo and Saturday August 23, 2014 9 AM the all day workshop. October 17 will be the last in the series of juniper intensive care and will be scheduled for October 17, 2014 Friday night and Saturday 9 AM all day October 18, 2014.

There is no fee for the Friday night lecture as it is our regular meeting and the series with be the program for the month. The Saturday all day workshops have a cost of $85.00 per day. The class is very limited to 9 people to keep the class small and informative. I would suggest you register early as space will sell out very fast! Silent observers are allow but the key word is silent!

Mike Feduccia has just returned from the Noelanders Cup in the Netherlands where he assisted Ryan Neil at one of the most prestigious events in the bonsai world! Mike has been asked back for next years event as well and will be attending the event with Ryan again. Mike has also been back to Oregon several times during 2013 and has finished additional training with Ryan Neil. We are so lucky to have Mike Feduccia in our area to take advantage of his knowledge and expertise in advanced juniper as bonsai. Mike’s program is very informative so bring a notepad, pen and a good listening mind to the meetings. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn from one of the best in Florida and he is the up and coming bonsai talent in the country so don’t miss out. The material for each workshop must be the topic material for each session so Juniper is what we are working on. It is also designed to bring your material to exhibition quality trees and advance your skills so the work proformed on the trees will be yours! You will wire, you will cut and you will advance your trees. You can bring one or several trees to work on to fill your day. And again I do mean your day. I look forward to hearing from you soon to schedule. Please contact me at : mysecretbonsai@me.com


Mike working on junipers at Ryan's nursery in Oregon.

Mike working on junipers at Ryan’s nursery in Oregon.

The type of trees Mike works on in Oregon!

The type of trees Mike works on in Oregon!

Best in Show Mike Feduccia's Needle Juniper

Best in Show
Mike Feduccia’s Needle Juniper

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