Kawa Member’s Trees accepted to The Artisans Cup

Kawa Bonsai Society is very proud to congratulate our members for having their trees accepted to the Artisan’s Cup in Portland Oregon in September. What an honor to have trees accepted to this very prestigious show, even better the Florida trees accepted to the Artisans are all members of Kawa Bonsai Society! We take pride in our members and their accomplishments in the art of bonsai and wish them well on their trip to Portland . All of the trees are owned by artists that have given programs to Kawa and have been a big part in bringing the Joy of Bonsai to the public. Good luck in Portland and know we are proud of you!

Mike Lebanik – Jaboticaba

Mike Feduccia – Buttonwood

Paul Pikel – Buttonwood

Louise Leister – Japanese Black Pine

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