Kawa Annual Picnic Hosts Mike Feduccia

On August 18, 2012 Kawa Bonsai Society hosted Mike Feduccia with an all day event. The morning brought a 10 AM Demo of a Coast Redwood tree collected in California and brought back by Mike after his 21 study session with Ryan Neil, the tree was purchased at Ryan’s Bonsai Nursery. Mike spent several hours explaining the care and history of Coast Redwoods and styled the tree during this time. Mike’s work on this tree was amazing and the finished product was beautiful. The tree was brought back to Mike’s nursery for further pinching and to settle into the Florida weather and climate. In January Mike will return for the Joy of Bonsai for a Friday night demo where this same tree will be repotted in a demo and them entered into the exhibit in a three point display demo. On Saturday this beautiful tree will be auctioned off in the late afternoon.

The afternoon session was a Bring Your Own Tree workshop for the members of Kawa who worked the BSF Convention and was free to those workers. There was a great attendance for this wonderful day with Mike. Along with the great learning experience we had a picnic lunch fit for kings! It was a wonderful day for all the members!!

I want to thank Mike for this very special event! I also want to thank the membership for all the wonderful food and a great day with friends and bonsai.

Coast Redwood styled by Mike Feduccia

Top view of the tree showing beautiful structure.

Mike beginning his work on the redwood.

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