May Meeting A Program on Insect & Disease

May is the time of year to really start to review your trees and make sure your insect and disease management programs are in place. Our May meeting will be an in-depth program on insects and diseases that may be a problem for your bonsai. We will have a Powerpoint Program and a workshop on what to spray and when to spray so as to keep your trees happy and healthy all year. The program will cover both safer non toxic treatments, chemical treatments, proactive protection and reactive treatments. The program will give you a monthly calendar of what insects and diseases you should be looking for and how to prevent and treat should you have them in your garden. We will also cover Key Pests for Key Plants and teach you how to scout for problems on your trees. Don’t miss this class on a very important subject for all bonsai artists and growers of bonsai.

We will have items for sale so you can purchase some of the items we are covering for this class. This is one of the most important topics in bonsai health. The class will have handouts on the insects and diseases we areSHO_8962 covering, a calendar to keep track of your spray schedule and a list of chemicals and treatments for each insect and disease we highlight. I will also have a microscope for us to see some of the common insects in our garden.

This class will be taught by Louise Leister on our regular meeting night May 16, 2014 ay 7 PM at the Flagler County Extension Office at 150 Sawgrass Road in Bunnell, Florida. I hope to see you all there.


Please bring a show and tell bonsai for display. We will also help anyone exhibiting trees at the BSF Convention fine tune their display during the normal show and tell times.

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April Meeting Brings Peter Tea to Kawa for a Very Special Visit!!!

I have some very exciting news! Kawa is hosting Peter Tea for our April meeting. Peter is from California  and studied bonsai under Boon Manakitivitpart of Bonsai Boon since 2007. Peter completed Boon’s four year  intensive training and is a member of Bay Island Bonsai. After completing his training with Boon, Peter decided to become a full time bonsai artist and open up a bonsai nursery called Peter Tea Bonsai in California.

Peter didn’t stop there he wanted to advance his training in Japan and started looking for a Japanese Master to learn from as a full time apprentice. Peter was accepted for training to advance his career with Mr. Junichiro Tanaka san from Aichien Bonsai Garden in Japan where he completed a five year program in two years. I have attached some of Peter’s work while in Japan for your review. Peter has been traveling to private clients and working at Conventions full time since his return. His work is very much in demand and has been booked since returning.

We are very excited to bring Peter to Kawa and I am sure we will learn so many things from Peter.  In order to make the most of his time here in Florida we will have our regular meeting on Friday evening April 4, 2014 7 PM where Peter will demo a very nice tree for us and critique our show and tell table. A club workshop will be on Sunday April 6, 2014 starting at 9 AM at the Flagler County Extension Office. The Sunday workshop will be a paid all day workshop for $125.00. If you want a half day with Peter the fee will be $65.00. Peter is a great speaker and has wonderful bonsai information to share with us. We have been trying to get him to travel to Kawa for over a year and this date was all that was open so we jumped on the date in order to bring him to Florida for the first time. Please join me in welcoming Peter with the best show and tell table for him to see and review. Remember the show and tell table means you will bring a tree or a display for Peter as you would to a Joy of Bonsai, clean and presented with pride. Don’t miss a chance to work with Peter on one of your trees on Sunday you will not be disappointed. Don’t waste any time contacting me to reserve a spot in the workshop, they will be limited to 9 members only and they will sell fast.

Our spring schedule is full and exciting for our membership and I hope you enjoy our very talented visitors for the spring session. The May meeting will bring an in-depth disease and insect program for bonsai and will be on our regular meeting night May 16, 2014 7 PM. The speaker for May will be Louise Leister and our handouts for the program will be both informative and something you will keep for years to come as reference material. More to come on the May meeting at a later date.

Please make note of the meeting date change so you don’t miss out on the April meeting!

LouiseSome of Peter's work in JapanPeter teaching a class

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Mike Feduccia at Kawa for a Three Part Intensive Juniper Series

Kawa is excited to announce it’s new intensive lectures and workshops series with our first artist in the series  Florida Native Mike Feduccia. The series will be a three part learning session and it works like this, on our regular Friday night meeting our artist in the series will give an intensive lecture and demo on the topic after a short general meeting. On Saturday the following day at 9 AM the artist will stay and conduct an all day workshop on the topic. Members will bring trees from that series topic to the workshop for an intensive lesson and instructions on the topics learned the night before. What this means is Mike Feduccia will be at Kawa for three sessions on Advanced Juniper styling and care this year, the first starting at the March 21, 2014 meeting. Then on Saturday March 22, 2014 he will be here for the all day workshop on the topics from the night before. Things that Mike will cover will be proper wiring to bring the trees to the next exhibit level, repotting, soils, jin and all the workings of advanced juniper bonsai.

Mike will return in August for the summer session on warm weather care for junipers with the same format. August 22, 2014 Friday night a lecture -demo and Saturday August 23, 2014 9 AM the all day workshop. October 17 will be the last in the series of juniper intensive care and will be scheduled for October 17, 2014 Friday night and Saturday 9 AM all day October 18, 2014.

There is no fee for the Friday night lecture as it is our regular meeting and the series with be the program for the month. The Saturday all day workshops have a cost of $85.00 per day. The class is very limited to 9 people to keep the class small and informative. I would suggest you register early as space will sell out very fast! Silent observers are allow but the key word is silent!

Mike Feduccia has just returned from the Noelanders Cup in the Netherlands where he assisted Ryan Neil at one of the most prestigious events in the bonsai world! Mike has been asked back for next years event as well and will be attending the event with Ryan again. Mike has also been back to Oregon several times during 2013 and has finished additional training with Ryan Neil. We are so lucky to have Mike Feduccia in our area to take advantage of his knowledge and expertise in advanced juniper as bonsai. Mike’s program is very informative so bring a notepad, pen and a good listening mind to the meetings. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn from one of the best in Florida and he is the up and coming bonsai talent in the country so don’t miss out. The material for each workshop must be the topic material for each session so Juniper is what we are working on. It is also designed to bring your material to exhibition quality trees and advance your skills so the work proformed on the trees will be yours! You will wire, you will cut and you will advance your trees. You can bring one or several trees to work on to fill your day. And again I do mean your day. I look forward to hearing from you soon to schedule. Please contact me at :


Mike working on junipers at Ryan's nursery in Oregon.

Mike working on junipers at Ryan’s nursery in Oregon.

The type of trees Mike works on in Oregon!

The type of trees Mike works on in Oregon!

Best in Show Mike Feduccia's Needle Juniper

Best in Show
Mike Feduccia’s Needle Juniper

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February Meeting is a Field Trip To Appleton Museum & Lecture by Mary Miller

February will have a date change for our meeting and we will going on a field trip and demo withSHO_8889 Mary Miller at the Appleton Museum on Saturday Feb. 15, 2014 at 10 AM. The trip will be a car pool for those wanting to go and will consist of a guided tour of the Celebration of the Japan Exhibit with more then 200 pieces of Japanese woodblock prints, tsubas, netsukes,yatates, katanas, kimonos and samurai armor. After the tour Mary Miller with do a walk through / critique of the bonsai on exhibit in the courtyard by the Marion Bonsai Society. There will also be a time-lapse video of a juniper being styled from start to finish and the story of “The Life of a Bonsai” which tells how a Serissa starts its life as a cutting and follows it through the next twenty years in becoming a bonsai tree.

This is the first time a bonsai exhibit has been at an art museum, and Appleton isn’t just any art museum, it is one of only a few that are nationally accredited. This is a great opportunity to further the appreciation of bonsai as an art form, please come and show your support for the exhibit and our very good friend Mary Miller.

This is a great event to wind down a very busy show schedule and relax with bonsai friends.

Admission is only $6.00 for adults and $5.00 for seniors. I must have a list of attendees so I can let the museum before we go so please RSVP by email

Thank you and I look forward to seeing you there. David from D&L Nursery will be present for this tour and fun day.

Appleton Museum of Art

4333 East Silver Springs Blvd.

Ocala, FL

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Joy of Bonsai Vendor area is now Sold Out.

We have had a huge response to the 2014 Joy of Bonsai Event! Our vendor area is now sold out and I am very excited to let everyone know we have a huge line up of world class vendors for this years event! Here is the list of our very special friends who will be at the 2014 Joy of Bonsai Event. Come by an spend so money at their booths!

Mike Rogers Bonsai  -  Palm Beach Bonsai  -   Taiko Earth Pottery  - Steven Smith Bonsai

Mary Madison   –    Orlando Bonsai  -  D & L Nursery  -  Tropical Green Bonsai

Mark Rhyne Stands & Stones   –  Chinese Paintings  - Bellota Enterprises

Our workshops are selling fast so hurry and get your registrations in if you want a spot!

I have also posted the lunch menu which is a must for preorder. Please don’t forget to send the lunch order in with your registration!

See everyone real soon!

LouiseBonsai lunch Postcard 2014


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Coming Soon The Joy of Bonsai !!

Image 1

January 17,18 & 19, 2014 The Joy of Bonsai will again fall on Martin Luther King weekend and this years special guest artist is Sean Smith. Sean will have just returned home from a trip to Japan and his goody bags will be full of wonderful items for sale and his workshops will feature some of these treasures. We are very excited to offer two great workshops, the first is a Bonsai Stand workshop where each participant will make his or her own bonsai stand with Sean’s help. The second workshop is a Scroll making workshop and Sean will have all new silk paper from Japan for those attending this workshop. We have also secured from Sean four beautiful high quality demo trees andwill be doing an interactive demo with Sean. Don’t miss out on a very educational weekend with Sean and an opportunity to purchase some beautiful material.

Image 2

Mike Rogers will be our second artist for the weekend and his Bring Your Own Tree workshop will be a styling and carving workshop. Mike will also have several beautiful high quality demo trees which will be auctioned off after each days events.


We also have a special surprise guest artist, along with our huge vendor area and raffle tables. Don’t miss out on this fantastic weekend. The exhibit promises to be another huge exhibit with world class trees. So come and join us for another event you won’t want to miss.

Joy of Bonsai Brochure and Registration

For information on this event pleases email me at

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November Meeting to Feature Mike Rogers

The next Kawa Bonsai meeting will be held on November 15, 2013 at the Flagler County Extension Office located at 150 Sawgrass Road Bunnell Florida. Mike Rogers will be working on a beautiful collected ilex, he will have a large amount of carving and styling to do on this beautiful old collected piece. The meeting will start  at 7 PM after a short business meeting and Joy of Shohin report. Refreshments will be provided to those attending.

Mike will have bonsai supplies for sale for anyone needing items for their trees. If you need something special please contact Mike before the meeting so he can order any special items.

We will do a formal show and tell before the demo so please bring any bonsai related item you want to share with the membership. If you bring a tree please make sure it is presented weed and insect free.

Dues are due starting this meeting so lets try to get everything in early so Marylou and Gerry can comply with BSF on time this year. PLease bring a check payable to Kawa Bonsai Society. We will also be firming up the Christmas party dates at this meeting and working out the details for our January Joy of Bonsai event.


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Joy of Shohin a Huge Success!

Thank you to all who came to the first shohin and small tree event in Florida! The weekend was wonderful, with world class artists working on great material. The exhibit was huge and beautiful! The vendors were packed, their merchandise was beautiful and everyone was able to find something to bring home to add to their collection. The workshops had great attendance and those attending walked away with smiles on their faces and very happy trees to add to their collections. Many spectators commented it was the best Joy of bonsai to date and that the exhibit was never better!

I would like to thank all of members who worked so hard to make Kawa Bonsai the first to do this event in the southeast and in Florida and after testing the waters for this event, we are happy to say that this event will be held every other year as a Joy of Bonsai event in January!  Shohin and small trees are here to stay!! So, if you missed this one, mark the dates for the next one January 2015!

We exhibited 101 beautiful trees some local and many from as far as Delaware, Tennessee,  Ft Walton Beach, Maimi, Bevard, Tampa, Plant City and as far south as Ft Meyers! What a wonderful display of great trees! Thank you for taking the time to prepare your trees and travel to Bunnell to share them with the attendees! Peter Warren and Robert Malher both commented that it was the beautiful collection of shohin trees and that many of them could have been exhibited at a exhibit in Japan.

I will share a few pictures of the event with you and post the winners of a few of the awards we presented. Again I would like to say thank you to all my friends who worked as hard as I did to make this happen! I can say with pride you are the best!

Best in Show Mike Feduccia's Needle Juniper

Best in Show
Mike Feduccia’s Needle Juniper

Best Shito Bonsai 2" Lee Vanderpoole's Display
Best Shito Bonsai 2″
Lee Vanderpoole’s Display

Best Display Best Pine, Wave stone & hunting hawk Louise Leister

Best Display
Best Pine, Wave stone & hunting hawk
Louise Leister

Best Chuhin  Crape Myrtle Paul Pikel

Best Chuhin
Crape Myrtle
Paul Pikel

Best Kifu Bosai Buttonwood Bobby Block

Best Kifu Bosai
Bobby Block


Best Mame' Black Pine Louise Leister

Best Mame’
Black Pine
Louise Leister

Kawa Club Award Mike Lebanic Loropetlum

Kawa Club Award
Mike Lebanic


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