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The Joy of Bonsai Shohin+

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European Olive Workshop has sold out,

Pomegranate Workshop Sold Out,

Root Stand Workshop Sold Out



We hope you plan on attending the January Joy of Bonsai Small Tree event, we have a huge line up for you and fabulous material for workshops, four world class bonsai artists, a huge vendor area and a beautiful exhibit full of small trees ranging from 2 inches to 17 inches. Demos, critiques, workshops, exhibit, and great bonsai fun come see what everyone has been talking about for years.

If you would like to exhibit a tree in the exhibit please contact me and let me know what you have, the size of your tree and species. All trees need to be mossed, cleaned and displayed on a stand or jita.

There is one spot left in the Pomegranate workshop with Ted Matson, two spots left in the Stone workshop with Sean Smith and a few of the beautiful Crape Myrtles are left. These trees have been pre bonsai for several years and have branches and are ready for styling and a bonsai pot at the time of the workshop. It’s great material! Contact me with any questions. Hope to see everyone soon.

Happy Holidays to all our Bonsai friends we hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday season!


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November Owen Reich and Kusamono

Our November meeting is scheduled for Friday November 21, 2014 7:30 PM with a Saturday workshop on November 22, 2014 starting at 10 AM, we are hosting Owen Reich and a “Weekend with Kusamono”. Friday night Owen will explain Kusamono with examples of plant material and containers he will put together a planting in the traditional style of Japanese Kusamono. Saturday will be the workshop for the members to attend to participate in making a Kusamono for themselves along with Owen’s help and guidance. Owen will bring containers with him and the prices will vary. Plant material will also vary so the workshop fees will depend on your choice of containers and the number of plants you purchase for your planting. The fee for the workshop is $25.00 plus your plant and container. Don’t miss this chance to work with Owen in this fun workshop starting at 10 AM and finishing when the plants and containers are gone. Please RSVP for this workshop. This is a great chance for you to work with Owen and assemble your accent plants for the January Joy of Bonsai. I hope to see everyone at the meeting and the workshop. Preregistration is required so we know how many plants and containers to purchase.

Owen Reich in Japan working on a Maple

Owen Reich in Japan working on a Maple

Kawa would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate Paul Pikel for his big win at the US National Bonsai Exhibition in Rochester New York. Paul’s beautiful Buttonwood won the All American Award for the finest American Species in an American container ( Taiko Earth Bonsai Pot ) and an American Display Table (Mark Rhyme maker). Great job Paul!photo

Kawa also cleaned up at the show with another big win by Louise Leister and her Japanese Black Pine winning the Yoshimura Award for the Finest Classical Bonsai at the US National Exhibit in Rochester.


Congratulations to all the Kawa members that had beautiful trees at the show we were so proud of all our trees and the represented Kawa Bonsai Society and Florida Bonsai in general. Mike Rogers had his beautiful Bucida Spinosa, Bobby Block for his beautiful Buttonwood and a Japanese Black Pine, Mike Sullivan and his Escambron and Neeia and Johnson Teh for his Raintree and Ficus nerifolia, and our new member Dustin Mann and his elm and ficus. A special thank you to Mike Rogers for driving all the Florida trees up for us! One more important award we won the bonsai word search and remain undefeated ! Thank you everyone for a great show !!!

We also want to welcome a recently relocated new member Dustin Mann to the Kawa Bonsai Society we are very happy to have him as a member. Welcome Dustin!


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August Meeting Cancelled September Meeting Update

I am sorry to cancel the August meeting but the building we use is under construction and we had a scheduling conflict with our speaker, so in order to continue the Juniper Series we added a workshop to our September meeting date so the September meeting is September 19 at 7 PM with Mike Labanic and Saturday September 20, 2014 Mike Feduccia will be back for our second Juniper series at 9 AM for the all day workshop. Please confirm the date for Mike Feduccia’s workshop with me so I know those who signed up will be attending the new date.

I will be posting Mike Labanic’s information in a couple days.

The only change is there will be no meeting in August. Have a happy August see you in September.

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July Meeting & Workshop with Mike Feduccia July 25 & 26, 2014

Our July meeting on “Wiring Bonsai” will be a special two day program starting on Friday night July 25, 2014 at 7 PM the program will be a Lecture and Demonstration with Mike Feduccia demonstrating everything you wanted to know about wiring. Saturday July 26 at 9 AM Mike will be conducting an all day Workshop on Wiring. Mike’s Friday night demo will cover wiring techniques and how to basics using (Copper & Aluminum) He will cover beginner & advanced wiring, anchoring, tying down and proper angles, how much is too much and everything you wanted to know about wiring your bonsai. This is a must see demo and lecture for all how do bonsai!

Saturday is the all day workshops starting out with a beginner workshop at 9 AM which most of use need to attend so we can relearn the basics, Mike will be moving to advanced wiring for the afternoon starting at 1 PM. This is a very important class and all the members should be signed up for this workshop. Everyone needs to learn proper wiring and what not to do. Proper wiring is the key to presenting and training a good bonsai. This will be a very informative class. Bring a notebook, and a tree and a willingness to learn. The fee for the all day session is $35.00. Please email me with your reservation so I know who is coming. If you don’t take this class you will be sorry. I look forward to seeing our members at the July Meeting.

We are so lucky to have a professional like Mike as a member and to be able to learn from him. Mike has been a student of Ryan Neal and has presented and worked in the US and Europe as well.

The meeting date was changed to allow us to schedule Mike for this class so please make note it will be the fourth Friday night and not our regular meeting night. I look forward to seeing everyone in July.

Mike working on junipers at Ryan's nursery in Oregon.

Mike working on junipers at Ryan’s nursery in Oregon.

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Tropical Bonsai Repotting For The June Meeting!

Time is really moving along this year, it’s already June and time for the Tropical Bonsai Repotting Workshop & Meeting on June 20, 2014. Mike Rogers and I (Louise Leister) will be doing a workshop on repotting our tropical trees. Each member can bring one tree, soil and a few pots to review for possibilities for those wishing to change containers. I would suggest some sphagnum moss for top dressing as well. Kawa has wire for tie downs and screens. The first part of the evening will bring a general meeting, short lecture on repotting, and a brake for refreshments and afterwards the workshop for those wishing to repot one of their trees.

The June evening starts at 7 PM with a special moving sale offered by Tom Zane Kawa’s founding member. Tom is moving on to Utah with Sena and is selling a lot of his collection. He will be offering trees, books, stands and a few pots & other bonsai related times. Don’t miss out on picking up some great material from a special bonsai person. Tom will take cash or checks for the sale. Please come and join us for this special evening. After the sale the meeting will start. I hope to see everyone on June 20!

I wanted to give everyone an update on our summer meetings so you can make plans as we have a few date changes to allow scheduling for a few special events. First our July meeting has a date change we are meeting on Friday July 25 at 7 PM for a wire program by Mike Feduccia. Mike will explain the fundaments of wire and explain why we wire and how to wire. Saturday July 26 at 9 AM  we will have an beginners wire class with Mike. This class will run for 9 AM until 12 Noon. Be prepared to work! After lunch Mike will also have an advanced wire class for those wishing to advance their skills in wiring. The advanced class will be working with copper and Mike will treach techniques for those with experience. Each class will be available with preregistration to members and our friends in the bonsai world The class fee is $50.00 per session. Wiring is the most important aspect of bonsai and this class is a great opportunity to learn from one of the best we have in the country. Don’t miss this class. Limited seating so email me as soon as you can to reserve your spot.

August brings another special meeting for us it will be part 2 of the Juniper series with Mike Feduccia. Friday night for the general meeting August 22 at 7 PM Mike will give us an advanced juniper lecture with a demo on techniques he will be teaching us on Saturday. Saturday August 23 at 10 AM we will have our second in the juniper series all day workshop offered by Mike. This class has limited seating and is offered to those wishing to advance their skills on Junipers. This session should have participants returning with the same trees they brought in March. The second summer series of care will bring these trees along to the next level and by Joy of Bonsai in January they should be ready for the exhibit. The third class will be offered in the fall at our  October 17 & 18, 2014 meeting. Sign up early we have very limited seating for this class and it is offered to those who attended the March class first and then afterwards it will be open to others. The fee is $75.00 for the all day class.

We are very excited with the summer schedule so far and I hope the rest of you will take the opertunity  to join us for the schedule. I am working on September right now but don’t have confirmation yet with our speaker. I will post it as soon as I completed the details. See you all soon.


Best in Show owned by Mike Rogers a Bucida spines

Best in Show owned by Mike Rogers a Bucida spines

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