Mike Lebanic Will be our Guest Speaker for our May Program Speaking About Soils and Fertilizer

IMG_2717Mike Lebanic will be our Guest Speaker for our May Meeting he will be presenting a program on Soils, Fertilizers and Their Relationship to Bonsai. Mike will also present a part of the program covering Azaleas and how to care for them in Florida. Mike has been studying with Peter Warren and Suthin for the past few years and will bring us the cutting edge information on soils and fertilizer for bonsai. There is so much misinformation on both and we wanted to set our club members straight on what works for us in Florida. The section on Azaleas is because of the information Peter has passed on to Mike over the years. Florida should have a very nice collection of Azaleas as bonsai but so much wrong information is out there we wanted to bring this important info to Florida. Peter Warren studied under Kobayashi in Japan for many years and his knowledge has been shared with Mike and we are so excited to have the program presented to us. Each member can bring one plant and or their soil to ask question on. Please bring a note pad and pencil to take notes there is a lot of information for you to take in, far too much to retain without paper and pen. The meeting will start at 6 PM again to make sure we get everything finished and all questions asked and answered. Looking forward to seeing everyone in May. Please confirm your attendance.

Meeting night is May 20, 2016 at 6 PM at the Change Jar Book store on Moody Blvd. Flagler Beach, FL

For our June meeting Kawa will have Robert Block presenting a program on Native Species Trees as Bonsai in Florida. This beautiful powerPoint program will help you identify Florida Native species for bonsai and help us start to become a Native Bonsai enthusiasm  in Florida and to promote our own species as bonsai for the future of bonsai. Bobby has be very successful with several Native species of bonsai and put together a great program showing the benefits of each species as it relates to bonsai. I will post program details at a later date. We look forward to have a great attendance for our spring series of seminars at Kawa rather then just workshops.


Seminar  1 – Was Michael Ryan Bell on Japanese Bonsai Pots April

Seminar 2 – Mike Lebanic Fertilizers and Soil for Bonsai May

Seminar 3 – Robert Block  Native Species for Bonsai in Florida June

Seminar  4- Louise Leister Insect and Disease for Bonsai July

Hope to see everyone at this special series.




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Michael Ryan Bell is our April Speaker

April 15, 2016 is going to be an exciting month with a visit from Michael Ryan Bell and a great Power Point on Japanese and Chinese Bonsai Pots. Michael has a great Blog featuring bonsai pots along with an almost complete listing of all the chops and signatures on pots. Such a great site. Please join us for a very informative night with Michael. We will have a raffle along with a great night bonsai pot information. His website info is as http://japanesebonsaipots.net/about/ you will find his bio and so much more on this site so please take a look before the meeting so you can ask questions based on the information you read on his site. The more you know before the meeting the better you will enjoy the program. The meeting will start at a new time 6 PM so we can spend time with Michael and have time for questions and answers after the program. Each member can bring a couple pots for Michael to ID and get information on the makers and country of origin. Only two per member please. Our address again is Moody Build. Flagler Beach at the Change Jar Book store.

MRB #3

Saturday Kawa is planing a field trip to Schley’s Open House to listen again to Michael Ryan Bell’s second program and to watch Mike Rogers demo. Jason has invited us to enjoy his open house and is offering club discounts for those attending. This is going to be a fine outing for the club so lets show our support and make a trip to Deland for the day to enjoy bonsai education and fun. Please confirm via email if you plan on attending the events of Friday and Saturday. The address for Schleys is 2745 Audubon Ave. Deland, FL.  Admission is free and there is also free craft beer and food. Hope to see everyone there. Check out the website for complete listings of workshops and sales.


See everyone on April 15, 2016


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March Meeting

March brings beautiful weather for our bonsai and a lot of chores as will that need to be completed before it gets too hot. March meeting will highlight care of some of our bonsai like Black Pines, Juniper and several other cool weather species. We will help members repot any Black Pines or Junipers they feel they need help with. Members must bring bonsai soil, pots, wire and any other things they might need for the repotting of their trees. Mike Rogers and Louise Leister will assist in the repotting process. We will also discuss after care for those trees and fertilizer for these trees as well. The meeting will start at 7 PM and will be at our new location which is at the Change Jar Book Store in Flagler Beach on Moody Blvd. If you plan on repotting a tree please also bring a tray to collect any soil that might make a mess.

Also at the meeting I will show some of the slides of Japan  from my recent trip with Mike Sullivan. I hope to see everyone at the meeting on March 18, 2016 at 7 PM. SHO_7149

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The Joy of Bonsai !


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November Juniper Workshop with Robert Malher!

November is going to be a very special month Kawa will be hosting Robert Malher for a Juniper workshop and demo. Robert is going to bring a selection of beautiful junipers imported from Japan. Shohin size trees with huge bases and driftwood for this workshop. There are two trees left for this workshop and I will post their pictures below. The trees are selling for $250 and the workshop if you attend is $30 they are spectatular trees and this will be a once in a lifetime opportunity to work on beautiful trees imported with so much deadwood. Robert is trained in Japan and specializes in shohin material and has presented several times at our Joy of Bonsai events. He is always welcomed back to Kawa for such fun events. These fill up fast so make sure you contact me if you are interested in attending. The Demo is on Friday night Nov. 20, 2015 and the workshop is Saturday Nov. 21, 2015 the time is 10 AM and will run until we are finished with our trees. There will be 12 trees for sale here are pictures of the last two trees. Please email me to reserve your tree.

Only one tree left so let me know if you would like tree K pictured below. 

Please email me if you are interested in this last tree. We are so excited to bring Robert back to Kawa for this workshop. We supply the copper wire for the workshop so all you need to bring are tools and a turntable for this class.

December 19, 2015 is our Christmas Party everyone is to bring a covered dish or desert to the party. 6 PM is our start time. Dues are due at the Christmas party so please bring your check so we are not late in posting our members to BSF.

January is our Joy of Bonsai event and those dates are January 15, 16 and 17, 2016 our information flyer will be added after our November meeting. We have a great surprise for this years attendees. The headliners for 2016 Joy of Bonsai are

Matt Ouwinga from Dunkirk Maryland

Mike Feduccia from Florida who just returned from other month in Portland with Ryan Neil and the Artisans Cup

Sean Smith from Marysville, Pennsylvania

we also have a few special guests presenting to make this the biggest Joy of Bonsai to date.

Both Sean and Matt will be vending this year so save our money for some very cool high end imported bonsai pots and great stuff.

Keep watching for the flyer.

Bonsai K 8.2015Bonsai K posterior 8.2015


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