Happy New Year from Kawa and a Winter Schedule

Hi all I hope everyone had a very Happy Holiday and a wonderful New Year! Big things are starting to happen with the beginning of the new year at Kawa Bonsai. Although we will not be having a Joy of Bonsai in January we are searching hard for a new site that fits our needs and hope to have a Joy on the fall. I will keep everyone posted.

January will bring Juan Andrade for a very special weekend visit to Kawa. Juan will be here on Friday January 20, 2017 for a Juniper Demo starting at 6 PM at our new site 1410 Palm Coast Parkway, Palm Coast FL at the Watson Reality Office. We are so excited to host Juan so please bring a note book and pen to take notes on all the very important Juniper information Juan will pass on to us. Many people find it hard to grow junipers in Florida and now is the oppertunity to learn from the best on Juniper Culture. Don’t miss out on this fantastic Demo and lecture. Kawa members will be free but non members wishing to attend the lecture are asked to pay $10 observers fee.


On January 21, 2017 Saturday Juan will be working with us for a all day workshop on junipers . Allowing each participant work with Juan to design and work on their material in a relaxed setting during the all day workshop. Participants can bring other material instead of Junipers if they choose, but must let me know in advance. The workshop will be limited to a very small group to allow Juan to work with each person from start to finish on their trees. This is a very special workshop and private session with Juan so please let me know if you are interested in a spot. Spaces are filling up fast so please reserve your spot now. Each participant is to bring their own tools, wire, a tray to keep their area clean, potting items needed like soil, screening, and pots. Each person will be required to clean up after themselves. We will order in lunch so if you do not want to order please bring your own lunch. This workshop will start promptly at 8 AM and we will be working until 5 PM with a one hour break. This worksop is open to anyone wanting to attend, Kawa members or non members. Please contact me ASAP for a spot. Workshop fee is $75.00 members and $100 for non members for the all day workshop.  Please let me know by email at mysecretbonsai@me.com

Kawa again would like to welcome back Ted Matson for a workshop on March 3, 2017 at our 1410 Palm Coast Parkway, Palm Coast FL at the Watson Reality Office site. Please let me know if you plan on attending. Ted has been to Kawa several times and each time we walk away with so much knowledge and with beautiful trees. Ted has been a Joy of Bonsai presenter and it would be fantastic if you brought one of your workshop trees from a Joy of Bonsai workshop. Ted can help finish styling and fine tune your tree and continue its progress as a great bonsai. This is an important part of bonsai, being lucky enough to have the same artist revisit your trees for the next level of training on something you started with them.  Please welcome Ted back again by attending this meeting and workshop. The workshop with Ted will require enough members signing up for a workshop but if we do not have enough members for the workshop Ted will conduct a demo instead. Please let me know if you plan on attending the workshop so we have enough people for the program. The meeting will start at 6 PM.  Again email me at mysecretbonsai@me.com.


I look forward to seeing everyone soon. Don’t forget let me know your plans for January and March. Our February meeting will be a bring your own tree with Mike Rogers for a smack and learn session with Mike, February 17, 2017 at 6 PM is our meeting date and time and the address is 1410 Palm Coast Parkway, Palm Coast FL at the Watson Reality Office.

Happy New Year! See everyone soon. Make sure your dues are paid and sent to MaryLou so there is no lapse in your BSF information.

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November and December Happenings for Kawa Bonsai Society

Hi all, I hope everyone fared well thru Hurricane Matt and everyone is starting to get back on track. I have been trying to get things together with my house and garden and I am sorry for the delay in this post. We have had a couple whirlwind weeks so I am hoping this is the end of the storm season and we can start to concentrate on the fall and the Holiday season. I love this time of year with cooler weather starting and the festivities of the Holiday Season upon us, it is always a fun time for me. First of all our Holiday Party is set for December 17, 2016 which is the third Saturday in December. The party is at my house as always starting at 7 PM. Please bring a covered dish with you and make sure you email me letting me know what you are going to bring. I will again supply the main dish and a few other things but I do need to know what you plan to bring so we do not have nine bowls of sweet potatoes. Please! Holiday dress is the normal for everyone to ware and I look forward to seeing everyone at the party.

Our November meeting will be a date change and we will be going to the Brevard, Central Florida, Kawa Picnic same as last year. This event is alway fun and sharing a meal, taking bonsai and spending time together is always a a fun event. I have added a section below with the details of the picnic for you to use. We are to bring a covered dish and plan on supporting the auction with some great buys that the clubs have put together. Please bring drinks and a nice covered dish as the Brevard club is suppling the hamburgers and hot dogs. I look forward to seeing everyone there. If you like to bring a tree to work on please feel free to do so both Mike and I will be there to help and the place is perfect for working on trees. I hope to see everyone there. Plan on arriving no later then 11:00 AM.

Picnic to be held at:

F Burton Smith Regional Park

7575 W. King Street (Hwy. 520)

Cocoa, FL 32926

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October Program is Winterizing Your Bonsai

Our October meeting is a program winterizing your bonsai. As we get closer to the fall and winter months there are ways to help protect your trees so that the winter months are kind to your bonsai collection. We will be talking about fertilizing for the cooler months, insect protection for the cooler months, pruning before the cooler weather, and basic preping for cooler and colder months. This program will be a hands on workshop for all the members to see what cooler weather does to our trees and why we do certain things to prep our trees before the temps drop. Program presenter is Louise Leister and Mike Rogers. meeting starts at 6 PM.

The club will have a Show N Tell for members where Mike and I will review their trees and help any members with advice on styling or changes they may need on their trees. Please bring a tree for this program.

Along with our regular meeting Kawa will be presenting a small bonsai exhibit at the Flagler County Art League on Saturday night October 8 at 6 PM. Our exhibit will be presented to the group and will consist of a few trees to show the residences of Flagler County what Kawa Bonsai Society is all about. The members of Kawa will mingle with the members of the art league talking about the art of bonsai. Members wishing to help set up the exhibit should arrive at 4 PM for set up and have their trees clean and show ready. The address is 160 Cypress Point Parkway, Suite 207c, Palm Coast, FL 32164 This address is in City Walk Plaza. The event ends at 8 PM.

See everyone in October.


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Mike Lebanic is back for another Great Buttonwood Demo & Lecture

I am very happy to announce that Mike Lebanic will be at Kawa for our August meeting to conduct a demonstration on a collected Buttonwood the club bought from Mary Madison in the spring. Mike has kept the tree and nurtured it since then and will explain how to care for it, fertilize it and spray if for insects. The tree will be started as a bonsai at the meeting with the basics of bonsai and will return home with Mike to progress until the spring when Mike will return for part 2 of the program and show us how to nurture it along to phase 2 of it’s life as a bonsai.

We will work on this tree as an ongoing program from start to finish. At the end of it’s journey over a few years I hope to enter it in the National Show as a club tree for all to see the work and the journey of this beautiful tree. We often do a demo and sell the tree and we never see it again, this tree will be part of our history and hopefully become a part of the Florida history of a great native species collected by our our Mary Madison and brought along by a new young bonsai artist and member of our club. Please join me in this history making meeting to start the process along to the journey of a buttonwood.

Mike is the 2016 BSF Scholarship winner and a member of Kawa Bonsai Society. He has won many awards for his beautiful bonsai at the Joy of Bonsai and many BSF Conventions. He has also exhibited trees at the Artisan’s Cup, the Epcot Flower Festival and the National Exhibit in Rochester. Mike is a student of Peter Warren from the United Kingdom a Japanese taught student of Kunio Kobayashi and Suthin Sukosolvisit of the Royal Bonsai Garden. We are proud to have Mike as a member of Kawa and welcome him back for another program and our latest project” The Journey of a Buttonwood” .

The meeting starts at 6 PM August 19, 2016 at our new location please arrive on time we have a full plate for the evening. Please bring a tree for show and tell for Mike to review before the meeting starts.

1410 Palm Coast Parkway, Palm Coast, FL 32137 at the Watson Reality Office.


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Sean Smith for the Kawa Meeting and Two Workshops!!!

Sean Smith is coming to Kawa for The July Workshop and Meeting! Date Change so Take note!
Our dear friend Sean Smith is coming to Florida for a two special Workshops and a demo on July 22, 2016 and July 23, 2016 so please note the meeting night change to accommodate Sean’s travel plans. Our meeting will be on Friday night July 22, 2016 at 6 PM and our workshop will be at a special location on Saturday July 23, 2016 starting at 9 AM at Jason Schley’s nursery in Deland. We will be in an air condition room where we can work for both workshops. Please bring a tree for Show and Tell as Sean will review them all during  the meeting. Remember clean trees to present to our speaker is important.
Workshop number 1. at 9 AM is a Wood Hut for display the cost of the workshop is $40 per person and it will run form 9 AM until 12 Noon. You will need safety glasses, a Dremel Tool and the two bits pictures at the bottom of the post for this workshop. This workshop is limited in size so register early by sending me an email at mysecretbonsai@me.com
Workshop number 2 is a Bring Your Own Tree and will start at 1:30 PM after lunch and will also be in the air condition room and will be a limited workshop as well so register early. Sean has recently be working with Bjorn so this should be a fun worksop and all species are open. If you need a tree I am sure you could fine something at Jason’s nursery for this workshop. He is offering special prices for the day. again email me with your registration info to secure a spot.
This will be our first workshop since leaving the Extension office so I am excited to have the spot to work with and still be cool with the summer heat. A box lunch is fun if you want to sit under the beautiful oaks at Jason’s or you can pick something up along the way, but be sure to have lunch so you have enough time should you decide to spend the day. This is a very special chance to work with Sean who always has the most fun along with knowledge in his classes. A 15% discount is offered by Jason for those attending the workshop. All supplies for potting, tools, wire, and trees at available. This is a good time to stock up on supplies. Make sure you support the club and attend our special workshops.

Address for the Friday night meeting is : 1410 Palm Coast Parkway, Palm Coast, FL 32137 at the Watson Reality Office.

Address for the workshops : Schley’s Bonsai Nursery , 2745 Audubon Ave. Deland Florida 32720

Workshop 1 = 9 AM to Noon

Workshop 2 = 1:30 PM until complete.


So excited to see everyone! Call me or email me with questions.




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