Kawa Member’s Trees accepted to The Artisans Cup

Kawa Bonsai Society is very proud to congratulate our members for having their trees accepted to the Artisan’s Cup in Portland Oregon in September. What an honor to have trees accepted to this very prestigious show, even better the Florida trees accepted to the Artisans are all members of Kawa Bonsai Society! We take pride in our members and their accomplishments in the art of bonsai and wish them well on their trip to Portland . All of the trees are owned by artists that have given programs to Kawa and have been a big part in bringing the Joy of Bonsai to the public. Good luck in Portland and know we are proud of you!

Mike Lebanik – Jaboticaba

Mike Feduccia – Buttonwood

Paul Pikel – Buttonwood

Louise Leister – Japanese Black Pine

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Special August Workshop with Mike Labanik & Buttonwoods!

Kawa is very lucky to welcome Mike Labanik as our headliner for August! Mike will be conducting a workshop on Buttonwoods collected by Mary Madison in 2014. Mike was able to get to Mary’s last year and get first pick of her newly collected buttonwoods. Mike purchased them and kept them for over a year working  on these trees to make sure they were great material for such a workshop he spent months cutting them back , fertilizing and caring for these trees for this workshop. These are the cream of the crop for 2014 so they are more then ready and will make fantastic trees . Mike The meeting will start at 6 PM which is an hour earlier then out normal meeting time so we all have time to finish and make sure Mike is happy with all of your trees. These trees are ready to be repotted also so those attending the meeting can bring pots for they trees. I only have a few spots open for those wanting to attend. Kawa members have been waiting for this meeting for one year and most of the spots are sold out, but I do have three trees left for anyone else wanting to attend. The fee for this workshop is $125 for members and $150 for non members. Please call me if you want a spot or send me an email reserving your spot. At this time I have opened the workshop up for non members so anyone many apply. I have a few samples of the trees posted along with Mike’s bio.


Michael was first introduced to bonsai during an elementary school field trip to Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh, PA. He was completely captivated and fascinated by the small trees in pots. He was absolutely hooked. Soon after that field trip his aunt and uncle purchased for him a juniper, and the hobby continued for over the years.

In 2008, Michael went with his wife and parents to Epcot to see the International Flower and Garden Festival. The same fascination that hit him when he was a child had struck again when they reached the Japan Pavilion. The trees in the show were amazing. It was at that point that Michael knew that he wanted to give bonsai another try, and his passion for bonsai had been renewed. Immediately after that show Michael began to research everything that he could about the art of bonsai and the Bonsai Societies of Florida (BSF).

Since that visit to Epcot, Michael has joined two bonsai clubs. He is a member of the Kawa Bonsai Society and the Central Florida Bonsai Club. Through each of these clubs he has had the opportunity to meet great people and learn about the art of bonsai. He has been very fortunate to work and study with highly acclaimed artists over the years such as Peter Warren, Suthin Sukosolvisit, Ryan Neil, Sean Smith, Robert Mahler, Guy Guidry, Mary Madison, Michael Feduccia, Louise Leister, and Mike Rogers. It is because of these artists, teachers, and mentors that he has a very diversified background, and a strong knowledge base in the art of bonsai. Michael is proficient in pines, junipers, azaleas, maples, and many tropical species of bonsai.

Michael has won several awards at the Bonsai Societies of Florida annual state convention, and at the Kawa Bonsai Society’s annual Joy of Bonsai show. In addition, Michael won 2nd place in the 2014 BSF Scholarship competition during the state convention. He chose to use his scholarship prize to continue his intensive studies with Peter Warren. Michael has also had the honor of having trees selected to be displayed at the Japan Pavilion during the 2014 and 2015 International Flower and Garden Festival. This was especially important to him because he was the first Disney Cast Member to have a tree selected for the show.


The meeting time is 6 PM

Meeting Date is August 21, 2015

I hope to see you at this very special event. Mike is recently back from four days studying with Suthin and have a lot of new information to share. All bonsai friends are welcome. Observers are welcome o email me to confirm you attendance.


These are the last four trees left if you would like to reserve one of them let me know. These trees picture below will be your trees.





Only two left!

I know all who attend this workshop will go home with some of the most beautiful buttonwoods in Florida. Remember if you want to bring soil and pots Mike will help you repot also as part of this workshop.


I look forward to seeing everyone in August.

my email address for reservations is mysecretbonsai@me,com


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July Meeting is a Member Workshop

The July meeting is a combined meeting and member workshop. Mike Rogers will be helping members with their trees at this meeting. Each member is encouraged to bring one or two trees to ask for advice from Mike. Whether it’s styling, pot selection, changing angles or what ever you need help with the July meeting is the place. The meeting will start at 7 PM with a short business meeting followed by refreshments and then a workshop where each member can ask Mike for his advice. The July meeting is a relaxed event to just mingle, talk about bonsai and work on your trees.

Louise will be there to ask advice for the 2016 Joy of Bonsai if anyone needs help planning their exhibit or picking a tree to display. If you like bring your items that you would like to display and we can help put things together. Remember now is the time to start planning and getting your trees ready and in shape for the exhibit .

Please bring a show and tell tree to this meeting so we can talk about your trees and just plan have a good bonsai night.

Don’t forget Mike Lebanik is our August speaker and the Buttonwood Workshop. If you don’t have a tree I have three left should you want to get in on this workshop. I will be posting all the information after the July meeting. Mike just returned from a very successful Gold Coast meeting where he did a Buttonwood demo for the club. The demo was great and Ed Trout bought the demo tree. The tree turned out beautiful! Mike just returned from studying for four days with Suthin, so don’t miss out on all he learned from his time in Boston. Contact me at mysecretbonsai@me.com to be part of this workshop. The fee is $125 .

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Tropical Repotting with Mike Rogers

June meeting will be a session with Mike Rogers on repotting Tropicals. Each member is to bring one tree to be repotted along with their pots, soil, and anything else they may need. Mike will discuss repotting tropical trees, soil types for those trees and demo how it is done on a beautiful tropical tree. He will also discuss pots for trees and what you look for in marring trees to pots. After the demo and lecture we will allow each member to repot a tree with Mike’s help. Only one tree per member for repotting, but you may bring others to ask Mike’s advise for pots and potting questions.

Each member should bring a show ready tree for show and tell to present to the membership. Bringing trees for show and tell is a great way to look at your trees as they progress. I look forward to seeing everyone at the June 19, 2015 Meeting starting time is 7 PM.


Asking questions

Mike Rogers repotting a tree from a workshop last year. 

At this meeting we will announce the August meeting with Mike Lebanic and allow members to pick their trees as I will have pictures of each tree. This is a special Buttonwood Workshop with Mike and you must sign up for the class and put a deposit on your trees. The trees are from Mary Madison from last years collection and were the pick of the crop Mike was there when they were collected and was allowed to have first pick for us. Mike has kept the trees for one year growing branches and fertilizing them, pruning them and getting them ready for this workshop. Mike says these trees are also ready for repotting into bonsai containers so bring a few pots to pick from your your selection and we can repot them as well.  Don’t miss out on this workshop you will be sorry. The meeting date is August 21, 2015 at 6 PM an earlier starting time then our regular meeting times. This is to give us extra time to complete the workshop. The fee is $125.00 for the workshop and there are 12 trees to pick from. I have three spots sold already so make sure you pick and reserve your tree and spot in the worksop. After this meeting I will open up the workshop to the general public so make sure you get there  first to pick your tree this month.


See everyone at the June meeting.



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May Meeting Black Pine Program

imageMay 15, 2015 Kawa will bring a program on Japanese Black Pine and their care. The program will cover wiring, de candling schedule, fertilizer, insect and disease problems, repotting, soil, needle pulling and many other items associated with Black Pines. Members are encouraged to bring a tree for show and tell and their Black Pine for advice after the program.  Louise Leister will be presenting the program, the meeting starts at 7 PM at 150 Sawgrass Road in Bunnell Florida. Visitors are welcome hope to see everyone there.

June Meeting will be a repotting tropical trees with a demo and a workshop with Mike Rogers . Each member may bring one tree to be reported, along with their supplies for the workshop (soil, pots, screening) and Mike will assist them for this workshop. Mike will also take about pot selection so if you like members can bring several pots for consideration for they trees.

A Show and Tell with be done after the general meeting. We hope to see you at this workshop for a great learning session with Mike.


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